ricotta cheese flan with a mix mushroom sauce € 9,00

herbolata (medieval pie: pastry filled with herbs, pecorino cheese and bacon) € 9,00

marinated pork loin € 9,00

pumpkin veloutée with porcini mushroom € 9,00

a selection of cold meats and cheeses from Nera Valley € 12,00


bread dumplings with spicy tomato sauce with borlotti beans and sausages. € 12,00

home made pasta with Senatore Cappelli flour with mushroom and pork cheek € 11,00

home made nettle pasta with a white meat ragout € 12,00

home made pasta with broccoli cream and almond € 11,00

Spelt risotto style with creamy parmesan and saffron € 11,00


mixed pork meat cooked with wild apples € 16,00

Guinea fowl cooked in a liver sauce € 17,00

grilled lamb chops with a mint sauce € 15,00

Roast dry salted cod on chickling pea puree flavoured with wild thyme € 15,00

veal bites cooked in moscato wine € 16,00


Coffee cream with chocolate and hazelnut crunch (without crunches it is gluten free) € 6,00

traditional biscuits served with Umbrian vermouth €6,00

cheese cake with spelt flour basis and berry coulis € 6,00

Chocolate cake € 6,00

eggnog parfait (gluten free) € 6,00

People who cooked on Tv programs made it sound as if cooking was about inspiration, originality, and creativity. Their favorite word was “experimenting.” Ella disagreed. Why not leave experimenting to scientists and quirkiness to artists! Cooking was about learning the basics, following the instructions, and being respectful of the wisdom of ages. This extract from Elif Shafhak’s novel “The Forty Rules of Love” perfectly conveys our Idea of cooking. We see ourselves as artisans of taste. Respect is everything for us. We respect history, tradition, environment and, last but not least, we respect our customers. Our knowledge comes from memory. It is the knowledge of generations of mothers and grandmothers cooking in the silence of their kitchens for their beloved ones.


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Abbazia San Pietro in Valle
Ferentillo 05034 (TR)